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How to get rid of the BLUE SCREEN of death

AntiCrash is a program that can intercept and fix up to 95.8% crashes, errors, freezes and blue screens. When a crash occurs, AntiCrash fixes it automatically; you have nothing to do!

New! AntiCrash now also includes a unique technology, AutoRepair. With AutoRepair, you scan & repair all your computer problems with a single click. AutoRepair automatically determines what is wrong on your computer with an advanced Artificial Intelligence system, and fixes it instantly.

AntiCrash will protect your computer like no other software. Not only AntiCrash protects you against 95.8% crashes, but it also automatically fixes the crashes; you don’t have to do anything, AntiCrash does all the work for you! AntiCrash is also the only software capable of intercepting blue screens and freezes.

Download : AntiCrash

Create your own cool SMS Group!

Google’s most recent entry into Google Labs is Google SMS Channels. The services enables users to create and subscribe to various channels/groups on SMS. It’s a completely free service! You can register your mobile phone, verify it and subscribe to various existing feeds available on Google SMS Channels. You receive instant SMS updates on your cell phone. You can use Google SMS Channels to create your own cool SMS group and stay in touch. You can save a lot of money on SMS as well. Here is how to go about it;
1. Create a new SMS Channel on Google SMS Channels here. You can also include RSS feeds from your website, blog etc.
2. Once you have created your channel, send the channel’s link to all your friends. Make sure all your friends subscribe to the SMS Channel. It’s free so bug them until they join your channel.
3. After you have your friends on board you can send them messages by logging on to Google SMS Channels. If you have enabled ‘publishing by anyone’, all of your friends in your channel can send a SMS using Google SMS Channels and the message shall be sent to all the subscribers instantly.
It’s a cool enough way to stay in touch plus make the most out of it. After all we Indians like text messaging. And we like it more when it’s free. Yeah we’re cheap!

Google Body Browser

Google has recently demoed an interesting WebGL application called Body Browser, which lets you explore the human body just like you can explore the world in Google Earth. Now you can try Google Body Browser before it's added to Google Labs, assuming that you have a WebGL-enabled browser:

* WebGL is available, but not enabled by default in Chrome 8 (the latest stable version). Type about:flags in the address bar, click "Enable" next to "WebGL" and then click on "Restart now". Please note that this is an experimental feature in Chrome 8.
* WebGL is enabled by default in Chrome 9 Beta, Chrome 9 Dev Channel, Chrome Canary Build and Firefox 4 beta.

The Beginnings - Graphic Novel

Malayalam Version :

The Beginnings - Buy the Graphic Novel from

Free Online Interactive Courses & Certification (PDF)

ALISON provides FREE online learning via interactive multimedia for basic and essential workplace and life skills.

Free Online Interactive Courses & Certification

It has registered learners in every country worldwide covering subjects such as IT Skills, Health and Safety, English Language, Psychometric tests, Financial Literacy, Financial and Health Literacy. Corporate, Human Resource, Operations, Project and Information Technology Management, Accounting, Psychology, Biology, Economics, Government Policy, English Grammar, English Literature, English Writing, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Health, Mathematics, Law, Outdoor Education, Coaching, Training Theory, Adventure, Visual Communication and Design.

Indiavision TV online streaming

Moffsoft Calculator and Unit Converter Pro

Moffsoft Calculator and Unit Converter Pro | 1.7 mb
Moffsoft Calculator 2 is powerful, feature-rich calculator software with a simple, easy-to-use interface. In addition to the printable and savable calculator tape, you’ll discover powerful financial functions, unit conversions, date and time calculations, product pricing functions, floating and fixed point decimals, multiple memory values, totals and grand totals, item counts, constants, and much, much more.

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